Family Office


“A family may not have it all together, but together it has all.” 

A Family Office is an outfit that serves the Ultra High Net Worth individuals or families by supporting them on almost everything concerning wealth, business and family matters through expertise spanning across financial, investment, tax and other aspects such as insurance, lifestyle planning, philanthropy, etc.

A Family Office’s vision, mission, values and objectives are completely aligned with those of the family. A Family Office has the ability to assist the family or individual towards several objectives such as optimum utilization of family wealth while segregating personal and business wealth.


A Family Office provides privacy and control to the family through customized solutions for investment management, lifestyle planning, philanthropy management and legacy planning.


Setting up one’s own Family Office requires careful consideration of several aspects like objectives sought to be achieved, choice of appropriate entity & jurisdiction, and of course tax efficiency, and economies of scale, and adequate governance processes for its smooth functioning.


Family Office as a concept is still evolving in India. This is truer for Single Family Offices that are specifically associated to a single family. As a result, many families find it difficult to initiate the process of setting up a Family Office. Our team has requisite experience in choosing jurisdiction, entity and tax planning, human resource planning and design governance & monitoring aspects of a Family Office.