Arbitration and Mediation

“For an arbitrator goes by the equity of a case, a judge by the law, and arbitration was invented with the express purpose of securing full power for equity.”

                          - Aristotle

Globalization is here to stay and so are increasing volumes of trade; rising disposable incomes; accumulation of wealth, etc. While these might be the positive aspects of it. Another not so positive aspect is the increasing number of disputes, both national as well international. These disputes range from domestic business disputes to disputes between strategic partners at international level. Often these disputes end up draining a lot of wealth, energy and time before a resolution takes place in the courts of law.   

People involved in such strife are cognizant of this and thus, take to other way of dispute resolution which is driven by consensus. Arbitration is the approach through which parties seek to resolve issues amicably without having to lose out on time, energy and wealth.

Our team has a diversified client base ranging from individuals, companies (both local and multi-national) and Institutions of high standing across diverse sectors.